Latest issue

Latest issue

NMT 2019:2

Charlotta Zetterberg; Introduction … 5

Vito De Lucia; The Ecosystem Approach and the negotiations towards a new Agreement  on Marine Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction … 7 De Lucia

Henrik Jansson; Resilience and Adaptivity of EU Pesticides Law  – Assessing Theory and Legal Capacity … 27 Jansson

Henrik Josefsson; Vad är en plan? – En analys av Sveriges  implementering av direktivet om strategisk miljöbedömning … 57 Josefsson

Mikael Karlsson and Natasja Börjeson; Reaching for Green Chemistry … 75 Karlsson and Börjeson

Nicolai Nyland; Ought states to be legally obliged to protect  the sustainability of the global environmental system? … 89 Nyland

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